[Mono-list] Qtcsharp / Windows.Forms

Adam Treat manyoso@yahoo.com
Wed, 27 Mar 2002 17:40:45 -0800

> 1) Is it possible to build a libqtc.dll for Windows, so that programs
> written in qtcsharp can be run in windows?

The best person to awnser to this question is Richard Dale.  My guess is no 
at this time, but it should be possible with a little work... hint, hint ;-)

> 2) If 1 is possible (or if mono 0.10 is advanced along enough so as to make
> building test programs on linux possible, dunno haven't gotten a change to
> check it out yet), and you have not started to do so already, I would be
> willing to start helping on a Windows.Forms layer for the qtcsharp
> bindings.

Mono _is_ advanced enough to start testing qtcsharp.  I haven't built Qt.dll 
with Mono just yet, but I will attempt shortly.  My guess is that it should 
not be a problem.

About Windows.Forms, this is something that should be developed in 
coordination with Gtk#.  However, AFAIK Gtk# nor Qt-CSharp are ready for this 
step.  I will be making some pretty drastic changes to the bindings soon.  
Stuff like overloaded methods for Qt's default parameters and using the c# 
string type instead of QString.  As far as Windows.Forms, it might be good to 
begin thinking about what the layer will look like and how to abstract the 
backend toolkit out.