[Mono-list] building NAnt with mcs?

Nick Drochak ndrochak@gol.com
Thu, 28 Mar 2002 08:28:32 +0900

| I was wondering if it anyone succeeded in build (&run) NAnt 
| with mcs/mono.
| This, since I'm getting the following error when trying to 
| build nant from the mcs/nant directory : 
| [japj@pc1-japj nant]$ make NAnt_mono.exe
| mcs /out:NAnt_mono.exe /nostdlib /noconfig /recurse:*.cs 
| /lib:../class/lib /r:corlib.dll /r:System.Xml.dll 
| /r:System.dll /nowarn:1595
| (process:16038): ** WARNING **: unhandled exception
| System.IO.IOException: "Win32 IO operation returned  for """
| in System.IO.Directory:GetFileSystemEntries ()
| in System.IO.Directory:GetFiles ()
| in Mono.CSharp.Driver:CompileFiles ()
| in Mono.CSharp.Driver:MainDriver ()
| in Mono.CSharp.Driver:Main ()

I don't think anyone has.  If you want to help get this working I
suggest the following plan:

1) Build with csc, run on mono/mint -- This confirms the classlibs are
complete wrt nant.
2) Build with mcs (windows version) using MS dll's, run nant on windows
-- Confirms mcs is complete wrt nant.
3) Build with mcs (windows version), use mono's dll's, run nant on
mono/mint -- Almost there
4) Like #3, but with mcs running on mono/mint - Done if it works :)

At each step I'm sure there will be issues that you will uncover and
will either need to fix or at least report to the list/bugzilla.

If you start at step 3, any problems that surface will be much more
difficult to analyze, since you will not be sure if the problem is in
mcs, the classlibs, or in the runtime.  Actually, you can do 1 and 2 in
parallel, since they are somewhat orthogonal (I love it when I can use
that word :)

Nick D.