[Mono-list] Qtcsharp / Windows.Forms

Jason Keirstead t126r@unb.ca
Wed, 27 Mar 2002 14:57:28 -0400

Hey how's it going. I checked out the latest qtc and qtcsharp from KDE CVS 
today, and built libqtc. Then I booted into windows and built Qt.dll, and 
built a test.cs file. Then back to Linux and... it worked perfect! I am very 
impressed. I have two questions for you however:

1) Is it possible to build a libqtc.dll for Windows, so that programs written 
in qtcsharp can be run in windows? 

2) If 1 is possible (or if mono 0.10 is advanced along enough so as to make 
building test programs on linux possible, dunno haven't gotten a change to 
check it out yet), and you have not started to do so already, I would be 
willing to start helping on a Windows.Forms layer for the qtcsharp bindings.

Thanks to everyone involved in the Mono project for the great work so far!