[Mono-list] My Introduction

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
26 Mar 2002 18:22:36 -0500

> I'm a little confused.  The website says that currently MCS only runs on
> Windows.  However, there is a shell script which builds MCS and the other
> compnents under Linux.  When I finished building it said I had to move the
> class libraries into the lib directory.

MCS currently builds on both Windows and Linux (the web pages need to be
updated).  The only problem right now, is that my hard drive died last
night, and I had to reinstall a full system (linux, ximian, vmware, xp,
.net sdk) and I am basically paralized until this happens.

> Does the C# compiler work under Linux?  Where would I get the class
> libraries?

Yes.  A set of binaries are on the nightly snapshots, but as every other
project, they are already outdated.  I will try to push something as
soon as my system is operational again.

If you have Windows + .NET you can compile those, or wait for me to
finish my installation.