[Mono-list] .NET webserver and contributing.

Martin Coxall coxall@cream.org
26 Mar 2002 15:08:19 +0000

> IMO, the architecture of Apache is ill-suited to ASP.net, because it spawns
> many processes. Not impossible, but more work. There are other projects
> going right now to provide native .NET web servers that are designed from
> the ground up for ASP.net.

Erm, maybe I'm being silly, but can't we just do what Tomcat does, and
allow Apache to pass requests on to the Mono web server using the AJP1.3
protocol? It may require amendments to the AJP protocol, but I am sure
the Apache project would be most accommodating.

I have some time on my hands, perhaps I could knock up a .NET AJP