[Mono-list] NET using Java VMs and libs

Niels Peter Strandberg nielspeter@npstrandberg.com
Tue, 26 Mar 2002 12:57:22 +0100

> Despite any implementation obstacles, Mono is much less encumbered than
> a .NET-in-Java implementation can be; I don't understand why people
> consider Sun some kind of benevolent dictator and Microsoft the Evil
> Empire (tm).

Microsoft is "the evil Empire"!  ;-)

This is not about Sun vs Microsoft. This is not about Microsoft. . This 
is about not need to own the latest windows, or window att all. Isn't 
that what mono is all about, when they want mono to run on linux?

If NET "is so good!" then it should excises on other platforms, and 
since there is a Java VM for almost every platform, then running NET on 
that would be great. Not because it is SUN and because MS "is the evil 
empire!" It will simply make good sense!

It is very hard to discuss this with some people, because all they can 
or "want to know" is Windows. They have invested maybe 1000-10.000  of 
hours on learning to do window programming, then it is very hard to 
start looking outside windows. But there is a beautyful world outside 
MS, full of wonderful OS'es.

Java is a billion dollar industry. You have Application Servers, costing 
10.000 of dollars, running hardware costing 100.000 dollars. So Java is 
not "the next greatest after NET". NET is still a baby compared to Java. 
Just because it dos not come from MS, dos not mean that it is bad!

So this should not be a discussion on "who is best", but how to make NET 
run on other platforms, and I think "with my limited knowledge of NET" 
that Java would be a good place to start the discussion.

C++ is an option, but is is not as easy to port to other platforms as 

I myself runs Win, Linux and Mac OS X. The win is only for games!

Niels Peter