[Mono-list] NET using Java VMs and libs

Niels Peter Strandberg nielspeter@npstrandberg.com
Tue, 26 Mar 2002 09:46:40 +0100

Sorry if this has already been discussed. Im new to this list.

My interest for NET is mainly because of the System,xml classes. Now I  
am C# and NET newbie, so be gentle with me!

To my understanding the mono project is to produce a "NET vm" and the C# 
classes and get NET up and running on - "first" - Linux.

Here is my suggestion:

1) "Do NET in Java" - The NET classes is very similar to the Java 
classes. We have access to the source code of the Java classes. Why not 
implement the NET classes using java, and it might in some cases just be 
a question of wrapping the NET classes around a Java class.

2) "Run it on Java VMs" - Now you have the NET in java, and you can run 
it on all Java vms, on Solaris, Linux, Palm, Mac OS X, Mac OS Classic, 
Nokia phones....., and on Intel, sparc, ppc, ......

Now you can do your programming i C# and make the do NET on Win on 
Intel, then just recompile, and run it on every other OS and processor 
that has a Java VM!!

This must be the easier and most powerful way to go!

Niels Peter