[Mono-list] Mono Hackers mailing list.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
24 Mar 2002 19:09:01 -0500

> Noise isn't a problem currently and a public technical list would accomplish
> the same with the added benefit of input from experienced
> developers/architects that aren't able to contribute code for whatever
> reason.

Some technical discussions are carried out in public.  In the past, some
that we considered discussions that had to be decided by a small team
were done on our private mailing list.   The plan is to open this up,
since development has opened up to those who are contributing actively
to the project.

Now, becoming part of this list is really simple, you just have to
contribute to be a project contributor, history can tell we have always
been pretty open in the `-hackers' mailing list ;-)