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Jaime Anguiano Olarra jaime@geneura.ugr.es
23 Mar 2002 23:18:58 +0100

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Hi Daniel!,

El s=E1b, 23-03-2002 a las 21:59, Daniel Carrera escribi=F3:
> be upfront.  On the other hand, I am quite happy doing things that most
> hackers would find boring.

Do you mean you'd like to test a lot of software, commit a lot of bugs
via bugzilla and write a lot of documentation?. ;)

> My experience:  I do most of my programming in Perl I am a good Perl
> programmer.  I still use some C.  I have written programs in many other
> languages, but I don't have extensive experience in any of them.  In
> particular I don't know C++, Java or C#.

I think C# is really needed.=20

> Could someone list the steps I should take if I want to make
> contributions?

Well. First say I am the last guy in here, just a lurker willing to
start contributing like you in the very short future. And like you I am
not experienced in C# yet. Even if I were, there'a crowd of computer
gods in here so I think we shall prepare ourselves a lot in C# before
just dreaming on helping this guys and gals far from the other tasks I
said above. There is a lack of documentation. You might start working
there so you get in touch with the way people work here and with the
classes themselves. But only C# gurus can write new code I think. If you
want to make a try, oh well. We'd all love it. Commiting the bugs you
find using the bugzilla system at http://bugzilla.ximian.com while you
test the software, writing good documentation and evangelizing is always
welcome and of course they are tasks up to you. I write you this so the
coders can keep the hacking run. If you want to know where to get info
about Java, http://java.sun.com is the right place.
http://www.go-mono.com is the site you'd already been and
http://www.donetexperts.com or the http://www.thecodechannel.com are
good C# and .NET resources. Of course you can see all of this links and
info in the Mono Project site. So go there and geek out sometime. And
come whenever you want.=20



Ps. Another monoHwannabe.

> Thanks a lot,
> Daniel.
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