[Mono-list] Apache and Mono

Gaurav Vaish gvaish@iitk.ac.in
Sat, 23 Mar 2002 15:44:17 +0530

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Subject: [Mono-list] Apache and Mono

: The ASP.NET parser and classes are in the class library which is being
: implemented by some guys.

    Along with Patrik, Leen and Bob, I am looking after the System.Web.*.*
domain. Patrik is working on the runtime and would soon be coming up with
something functional.

: ASP.net-pages can be used then by writing a small .net app and this could be
: called through mono_mod (which is not done yet).

    We do have plans for the same, but it may take some time before we have this

: In fact you can use asp.net in every webserver who can use cgi to call "mono
: asphost.exe" or something like that.

    I think, the answers satisfy your queries. You will soon be able to use the
aspx and code-behind in apache as well.

    I guess, unless we have this, dotNet environment will not be of much use in
web-domain, since most of the servers use Apache. ;-)

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