[Mono-list] Shared Source License from MSFT to ECMA for CLI

A Rafael D Teixeira rafaelteixeirabr@hotmail.com
Wed, 20 Mar 2002 16:32:27 -0300

>From: Dan Mezick <Dan.Mezick@newtechusa.com>
>Are you saying that Mono is a 'clean room' implementation of .NET, much 
>how AMD creates Intel-equivalent CPUs without ever seeing the Intel 

Yes you may say itīs a clean room implementation, we write from specs.

>If so, do you require your Mono developers to sign a document stating that
>they have NEVER SEEN any CLI code under the MSFT shared source license?

We just say to contributors to avoid doing that and trust them on keeping 
themselves straight. To this date we havenīt been formal about it.

Maybe the project coordinator, Miguel de Icaza, who is just about visiting 
the ECMA commitee, to clarify some of those issues, may answer you better, 
when he can read the list, later.

Rafael Teixeira
Brazilian Developer

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