[Mono-list] Gecko# bindings

Robert Deviasse rdeviasse@hotmail.com
Wed, 20 Mar 2002 13:55:52 -0500

>I just wanted to ask if someone is already working / would like to work on 
>wrapping Gecko in C# classes?
>   * we (SharpDevelop) use IE right now; we want to drop it for Gecko, 
>which makes live easier now, not only for later porting SD to Mono on 
>   * the Gecko bindings could (potentially) be separately available from 
>Mono for Windows developers - so that everyone can move from IE to 
>integrating Gecko instead.
>The http://www.newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=02/03/19/1412217 article 
>prompted that idea (again). Main reason why I ask here is that we do not 
>have enough resources to write the bindings.

It would take time to come up with the bindings, but you might be able
start right away, Mozilla already includes an ActiveX
control. Take a look at:
From the little I've read, it should be possible to almost "just use"
the ActiveX controls, if you run a few import utilities.

Once SharpDevelop is based on Gecko, it should be possible to write
C# bindings for Gecko with the same interfaces as the ActiveX ones.
You can then migrate to that when they eventually get done. Note that
despite advertisements to the Java bindings for many Gecko interfaces
appear to be written (look at the source tree). It may be possible to
adapt those to C#.

This approach may take a little longer to migrate, but it would guarentee
that you separate the SharpDevelop's use of Gecko bugs from the C# bindings
bugs, and this simplify your life and allow you to start now.

Take care,

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