[Mono-list] *Calendar implementation

Richard Hestilow tvgm@ximian.com
19 Mar 2002 19:42:55 -0600

On Tue, 2002-03-19 at 17:52, Ulrich Kunitz wrote:
> The second approach isn't good, because we introduce a registry wrapper,
> just another class to understand and to maintain. I think we document
> the shortcoming and add the registry calls, when a registry exists. We
> should do some real architectural work here. I would even tend to say,
> that the registry is not one of Microsoft greatest achievements in
> software design. Let's try to do it a little better.

I imagine it might be possible to wrap the registry calls to use gconf
under unix/linux. Speaking as a GNOME developer, I'd like be able to
access my gconf settings via .NET.