[Mono-list] system.xml.serialization

Jason Diamond jason@injektilo.org
Mon, 18 Mar 2002 07:36:13 -0800

> I'm curious, what are people doing in this case? Are you simply writing
> unit tests, and leaving things unimplemented/untested, or are you somehow
> testing them with the Microsoft class library? (If there is an RTFM for
> please point me to it, I have been all over the mono site and have not
> found anything)

If you start off by writing your unit tests against Microsoft's assemblies
than that's a huge plus. While developing the System.XML classes, we're
running the tests against both Microsoft and Mono and trying to make sure
that they both pass 100% of the time. Currently, I occasionally check to see
if a class in corlib or System is already implemented for Mono(and so far, I
think they all are) but I always use Microsoft's mscorlib or System while
developing on Windows. Eventually, I'll have to install a Linux box so that
I can test it all using 100% Mono code.

There's a .sln file and some .csproj files checked in to the System.XML
directories if you're using VS.NET. Feel free to add your classes to that.
But we should figure out some way to temporarily disable any tests that you
write against Mono's code that don't pass because of missing classes. Or,
maybe we shouldn't disable them as that'll be even more motivation to get
them implemented quicker. :-)