[Mono-list] This week.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
17 Mar 2002 21:00:07 -0500

Hello everyone!

   I am going for my first ECMA meeting this week!  Sam Ruby was kind
enough to extend an invitation for Ximian to be present at the ECMA
meeting related to the CIL and the class libraries.  So, it is all very

   I am taking a flight tomorrow and returning home on Friday.  We
wanted to make a release this weekend of Mono 0.10 with like the
beautiful self-hosting compilation system on Linux, but we are fixing
some show stopper bugs (if you are itching to get the code, you can
still get the nightly snapshots that come with the libraries and the

   No promises, but we should try to get the kit this week if the dialup
access from my hotel enables me to do the packaging.  If not, then we
will have 0.10 on the weekend.  

   Anyways, this will be the funniest Mono release ever, because for the
first time Linux users will be able to do some serious development with
Mono.  We are very sorry we could not make it this week.

   I might also be answering e-mail slower than I do this week,
apologies in advance for that.

Best wishes,