[Mono-list] Windows .NET still needed?

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
17 Mar 2002 14:20:33 -0500

> Do I still need the Windows .NET tools and libraries to run the compiler in 
> Linux?

The next release (mono-0.10) will contain cross-platform binaries of the
class libraries and the runtime that you can use to compile the compiler
on Linux without using .NET.

I will try to do the release this week, but I am going to be out of
town, so that might complicate things a bit, as I will likely only have
dialup access and that is usually slow for making releases. 

> How will the bootstrapping using only Linux work? 
> Will I need to download an already compiled compiler, or is there any other 
> way to get going?

The mono-0.10.tar.gz package will contain everything you need to develop
.NET applications on Linux.

Compiling our core class library (corlib.dll) at this point with MCS is
not possible, because of the way the compiler currently works.  It tries
to resolve all the tree dependencies assuming that the core types are in
place, I have to write a separate code path that will only do a partial
resolution and then do the full resolution.

But this week, it is going to be tricky.