[Mono-list] newbie: mono on GNU/Linux

Timo --Blazko-- Boewing blazko@online.de
16 Mar 2002 13:49:54 +0100

Hello community,

Sorry for my inconvenience, but after reading some linux-related
postings, i am still confused by those ".exe" and mint things. :-)

I do not have Windows anymore, just a Debian GNU/Linux platform. Is
there a way to set up a mono:: environment for simple .cs developing
without handling .exe files? Can i compile mcs stuff with gcc?
I downloaded once the CVS tree and recently a tarball of the 0.9 version
and am still a bit confused on how to set it up on my box, cos the
readmes are some targeted towards Windows - if i read them right.

So my questions in short are:

- what tools do i need to get the mono environment up (compiler and
runtime) on GNU?
- is there an article describing the setup on linux?
- can i completely avoid .exe files during that process?

Sorry if i am mixing things up a bit. But i am really interested in
doing C# and using the mono runtime. I plan to realize a large future
project with mono.

Thanks for any help & hints,