[Mono-list] Helo in switch-case:

Gaurav Vaish gvaish@iitk.ac.in
Sat, 16 Mar 2002 14:21:32 +0530

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: Gaurav,
:  From the ECMA C# spec, 15.7.2:
: results in a compile-time error.  When execution of a switch section is to
: be followed by another switch section, an explicit 'goto case' or 'goto
: default' statement must be used."

    Hmm... ok. I guess I got mixed up with that it intended to say and what I

The Buggy Me!

: ~ j. // I, for one, am a fan of axing default fall-through.  Along with
:       // promoting some really odd code errors, it makes evil things like
:       // Duff's Device possible. ;-)