[Mono-list] QT Bindings Location

Richard Dale Richard_Dale@tipitina.demon.co.uk
Thu, 14 Mar 2002 17:29:51 +0000

On Thursday 14 March 2002 2:36 pm, Jason Keirstead wrote:
> Now that mono is all self-hosting and stuff (Yay!) I am starting to play
> around with the sources. Upon a search through my archives of this list, I
> found alot of references to the QT C# bindings, but no references ot where
> they ar elocated for checkout. I know that most likely they are nowhere
> near complete, but I'd like to play around nonetheless. Could someone point
> me in the right direction?
Adam Treat has sent the C#/Qt bindings to me - ready for an initial checkin to 
the KDE cvs. As soon as kdebindings has been tagged for KDE 3, I'll be able 
to add them to the HEAD branch (eg another week). Then perhaps we can add C# 
Qt/KDE bindings to the KDE 3.1 release schedule, and work towards that. If 
you'd like to see the stuff before then, mail Adam or myself and we'll send 
it to you.

They'll go in the KDE kdebindings module under kdebindings/qtcsharp, and the 
accompanying C bindings are in kdebindings/qtc. The utility used to generate 
the bindings is in kdebindings/kalyptus (Adam has added a C# P/Invoke 
bindings generation option).

-- Richard