[Mono-list] RE: color shows mcs bug

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
13 Mar 2002 17:39:07 -0500

> I plan to just stub out the SystemColors class because they are runtime
> colors such as WindowColor that need to be gotten from the OS. Since this
> stuff runs on MAC/SUN/Linux, etc, I do not know how to handle those, and the
> implementation may require other corlib classes not yet implemented. Any
> ideas?

Just assume the Windows Colors, because that concept does not even exist
on X11 or in MacOS X.  We will be fine mapping those to anything in the
future if we need to. 

> ColorConverter is called from the TypeDescriptor converter, not sure what
> and how to do this, so I may do little to nothing on it. Any ideas?

I am not sure I understand the problem.

> Also what is the opinion of using #regions in Mono code?

Its up to each developer ;-)