[Mono-list] control flow graph support in monograph

Paolo Molaro lupus@ximian.com
Mon, 11 Mar 2002 16:23:54 +0100

On 03/11/02 Dan Lewis wrote:
> > The cvs version of monograph supports creating the control flow graph of
> > a method. If you are interested in compiler work (both jit and mcs),
> > you may find this useful (or you may just enjoy the pictures:-).
> Wow! That's very cool indeed.
> Now can you animate it and add cfg support to the debugger? ;-)

What does the debugger care about the cfg?
I'd like to add a GUI interface to monograph sometime in the future, so
that it can be used interactively, but animating the graph is hard 
(I'd need to run neato two times, one to create the image and one to get
the coordinates of the nodes...).


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