[Mono-list] Debugging NUnit Test Cases

Adam Chester a.chester@sph.uq.edu.au
Tue, 12 Mar 2002 00:23:01 +1000

I'm guessing StackOverFlowException means there is a recursive function call
in there somwhere.. calling itself for eternity.

- Adam

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Is there any way to tell NAnt to compile the test cases with debugging
information so that the NUnit test cases can be debugged with e.g.
DbgCLR?  ``<property name="debug"/>'' doesn't seem to apply to test
targets.  It would simplify things if I didn't have to recompile DLLs by
hand just to get the debugging information...

Also, why is the default for some assemblies, such as System.dll, omit
debugging information?  (<property name="debug" value="false"/>)

Finally, does anybody have any idea why I'd be getting a
System.StackOverflowException when running an NUnit test case?  (In
particular, the TraceTest suite, just added to CVS.  This is why it
*isn't* part of AllTests.cs.)  It doesn't appear to be my case in
particular, as any of the System.dll test suite's generates the same
error on my machine.  (This is why I tried getting debugging
information.  Even with debugging information, I didn't see any actual
stack overflows; after a function return, the StackOverflowException was

 - Jon

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