[Mono-list] Rotor -- Cleanroom Poison?

ewlloyd@neta.com ewlloyd@neta.com
Sun, 10 Mar 2002 01:55:14 -0700

Greets, All,

Slashdot just reported on an O'Reilly Network story about Rotor, MS' 
"Shared-Source" implementation of the ECMA CLI standard. Apparently, it's 
slated for a 1H2002 release, and the license isn't set in stone yet. Here's 
the URL:


Remember, as a (potential) contributor to Mono, be extremely leery of 
downloading Rotor when it becomes available. Having it, and having clicked 
through a license page to get it, could jeopardize our contributions to 
Mono, since it implies exposure to MS copyrighted code.

Just a friendly reminder, since Rotor seems to be coming Real Soon Now.