[Mono-list] Re: UInt16Test fails against reference dll

Martin Baulig martin@gnome.org
09 Mar 2002 02:48:44 +0100

Hi Nick,

if you want to play around with this, the next problem is that you
get an exception somewhere if you set NumberFormatInfo.currencySymbol
to the empty string.

Then, not all fields in NumberFormatInfo are correctly initialized
for the invariant culture and "en-US" is missing.

I worked a bit on this and added a small tool mcs/tools/DumpCultureInfo.cs
which writes that code, but it's not yet finished - so all the number
formatting tests which are using culture specific formats will fail with
our corlib (but, of course, they must work with mscorlib).

That's it from me for the moment, off for the weekend .... :-)

Martin Baulig