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Joe Tennies rotund@fatnsoft.com
Fri, 8 Mar 2002 15:42:52 -0600

I must agree.  The default SHOULD be to the list.  I personally send
responses to both if I do not recognize the person as a regular to the list
(as I'm sure most of you do w/ me but trust me I read all the mono-list
emails... I'm just Windows impaired (dunno if that counts as an
impairment... I'd agrue the opposite) and am working on other projects at
the time as well.

I cannot wait for complete hosting under Linux.  When that happens, I think
the number of people actively submitting code will multiply the number of
active code submitters several fold.

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: Well Guarav, I have to say that your lined-up braces look like heaven to
: me.


: Talking of which, when's the reply-to: substitution going to get sorted
: out? I'm tired of deleting everybody from the to/cc list...

    Everyone has his own philosophy behind everything. It's just that some
them, others don't. ;-)

    I'd favour Reply-To: to be set to mono-list@ximian.com instead of the

Gaurav Vaish

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