[Mono-list] Hello from HDNUG! Call for speakers/members

Mark Wardell [HDNUG] Mark Wardell [HDNUG]" <mark.wardell@hdnug.org
Thu, 7 Mar 2002 13:53:46 -0600

Hello Mono People:
  I am Mark Wardell From Houston Dot Net User Group HDNUG www.hdnug.org and
I wanted to let you know about us. We are an independant user group of 600
members. We are the "good ideas" professional group. We feel that project
mono fits nicely in these envelopes.

  HDNUG  has a stage that is ready for monos best and brightest sometime
this year. We have a mix of speakers both local and national. Last month we
had Roger Sessions come and talk to us. bio / abstracts can be submitted to
speakers@hdnug.org. Meetings are last Thursday of month 6:30-:8:30 PM

  HDNUG membership is free and can be entered on the Web @ www.hdnug.org ->
Upper right hand corner. We also have meeting sponsorship opportunities
available as we do banner advertising slots a total of 10. The slots are
very reasonably priced  If interested in these send to info@hdnug.org
please copy me mark.wardell@hdnug.org

Kindest Regards,
Mark Wardell