[Mono-list] Style

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
07 Mar 2002 20:05:15 -0500

Hello guys,

   I do appreciate the contributions to everyone to the Style
discussion.  Although I appreciate we all have different coding styles
and different desires on how to format our code, we should try to get
the code formatted with the same coding conventions, if only for the
sake of consistency across the class libraries.

   Typically the way things have worked in the Linux kernel is that
people with very strong indenting style opinions who maintain a large
portion of their code use whatever they are most comfortable with.  

    The only problem is that as the software ages, and as years pass,
maintainers leave the project, join other parts of the project, loose
interest or switch jobs or find pleasure in the little things of life,
the code ends up being maintained by new people, and then the mix
becomes hard.

    So, I will not force anyone who is maintaining a large subsystem to
use a particular coding style (Gaurav knows am talking about him ;-),
but I would greatly appreciate if we try to follow the guidelines that
are on CVS as much as possible.

    Indeed, it is not my favorite style, I want to keep ) next to {, but
enough people disagree with me that I will not defend my bracing style