[Mono-list] cygwin and mono-build-w32.sh

corey d. cahill corey@kiin.co.uk
Thu, 7 Mar 2002 00:16:12 -0500


After installing Cygwin, I installed the appropriate ZIP files in
/usr/local/ and then ran the mono-build-w32.sh script.

At one point the script failed:

./configure --enable-maintainer-mode --enable-compile-warnings --prefix=C:/m
ono_prj/cygwin/home/haezeus1/mono/install ...
checking build system type... i686-pc-cygwin
checking host system type... i686-pc-cygwin
checking for gcc... gcc -mno-cygwin
checking for gcc... (cached) gcc -mno-cygwin
checking for C compiler default output... configure: error: C compiler
cannot create executables

Has anyone had a similar problem?  Am I missing a library?