[Mono-list] A possible reason for getting newline problems

Martin Baulig martin@gnome.org
06 Mar 2002 22:57:24 +0100

"Serge" <serge@wildwestsoftware.com> writes:

> > This is very interesting.  Could you update the documentation in
> > `mono/doc/' to mention this flag?
> There is one caveat.
> -kb prevents keywords expansion and even though it was advised not to use
> CVS keywords in Mono (there was a discussion some time ago), it seems wrong
> to enforce use of this option.
> Since the problem with checkouts appears to be due to improperly mounted
> Cygwin drives (textmode mount) it seems more appropriate to fix the cause.
> Actually, it seems that there are two distinct problems, one is textmode
> checkout and another is using an editor that can't handle default line-ends.

Btw. this is changed with

        mount -s -b --change-cygdrive-prefix /cygdrive

Martin Baulig