[Mono-list] A possible reason for getting newline problems

Matt Liotta mliotta@iname.com
Wed, 06 Mar 2002 07:19:04 -0800

That is what I thought. If the revisions are stored in binary form that take
up substantially more space in the CVS repository.


On 3/6/02 4:41 AM, "Martin Baulig" <martin@gnome.org> wrote:

> Matt Liotta <mliotta@iname.com> writes:
>> Doesn't using -kb cause the file to be handled as binary?
> Yes. It creates the file exactly as it's in the repository.
> =====
> `-kb'
>    Like `-ko', but also inhibit conversion of line endings between
>    the canonical form in which they are stored in the repository
>    (linefeed only), and the form appropriate to the operating system
>    in use on the client.  For systems, like unix, which use linefeed
>    only to terminate lines, this is the same as `-ko'.  For more
>    information on binary files, see *Note Binary files::.
> =====
> Btw. using the -kb flag on checkout or update is something else (it
> doesn't affect how the file is stored in the repository) than using it
> with cvs add (specifies how the file is to be stored in the
> repository).