[Mono-list] CharEnumerator and String

Duco Fijma duco@lorentz.xs4all.nl
05 Mar 2002 00:38:46 +0100

On Mon, 2002-03-04 at 19:41, Paolo Molaro wrote:
> Fixing it is not useless, since:
> a) we don't have another implemenattion anyway
> b) the current code could be used as a basis for (some) of the
> replacement code.

Well, that's why I asked. If somebody was about to commit a radically
new from-the-ground-up implementation tomorrow, I would guess that it
would make more sense to concentrate on other tasks than to fix the
existing System.String implementation.
> So, I suggest to keep fixing the existing class until someone finds
> the time for the new implementation. Also, adding tests for the
> bugs fixes ensures that they won't come up again in the new
> implementation;-)

Agree, adding new tests is independent of whatever happens to the
implementation. I will definitely have a look at what behavior of String
causes my CharEnumerator tests to fail.