[Mono-list] CharEnumerator and String

Martin Baulig martin@gnome.org
04 Mar 2002 16:45:06 +0100

Duco Fijma <duco@lorentz.xs4all.nl> writes:

> I just completed a few test cases for the System.CharEnumerator class.
> The many failures these test cases generate are caused not so much by
> the CharEnumerator class itself, but by the current state of the
> System.String class. This made me wonder what the plans are with the
> String class. Is anybody planning to give this class the attention it
> needs? I remember a message of Paolo some time ago even talking about
> completely replacing the class. Does this mean that any effort put into
> fixing the current code is useless?

I did some bug fixing in Strings.cs last week and it should now pass
the test suite on GNU/Linux. If there are any more things which do not
work in String.cs, I'd suggest adding more tests for them to the test
suite so that we can catch these bugs.

Martin Baulig