[Mono-list] Tests running on Windows again

Martin Baulig martin@gnome.org
03 Mar 2002 20:22:24 +0100

"Nick Drochak" <ndrochak@gol.com> writes:

> I got the Nunit tests running on windows again.  I had to exclude a few
> of the Interfaces from the corlib_res.dll that the tests are linked
> with.  They were not playing nicely with the parts of mscorlib that need
> them, apparently.
> Anyway, run 'make test' from the mcs directory and you'll see what needs
> love.  Currently this is the status from windows:
> 	Tests Run: 466, Failures: 20, Errors: 282
> In addition, all but one of the tests run without errors when linked
> with mscorlib.  That one exception being the TimeZoneTest.  It only
> works if your computer is set to the CET time zone.  Anyone have a good
> suggestion on how to have a better test for a TimeZone constructor?

Well, TimeZone is a little bit problematic since it's a bit "broken"
on Windows. It looks like mscorlib.dll is using some Windows system
call to get the current timezone - and this call is ignoring the
current culture, it always returns the timezone name in the language
of your Windows installation.

Like most people, I got my Windows NT license together with my machine
- and since I'm living in Germany, it's the german language
version. If you're using the German OEM version, it doesn't help to
set the language to "English/USA" in the system control panel - some
strings are always in German.

No matter which culture I choose, the timezone string is always
"Westeuropäische Normalzeit" for me - even setting the time zone to
New York doesn't help, I get the german name of that time zone.

So IMO this test will always fail if you have a non-english Windows.

Martin Baulig