[Mono-list] Style

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
01 Mar 2002 10:55:05 -0500

> Just a point here on the Microsoft API. While I really appreciate the rigor
> with which they imposed the Pascal casing and naming conventions to the
> methods, properties and class names, their argument names suck. I've seen a
> mixture of UNIX style vryshrtargnms, Hungarian style lpArgumntNames,
> verbosesamecasestyle, javaStyleCamelCaseArguments, and maybe even a few
> underlines thrown in there for good measure. This is one point where I would
> not like to follow the MS docs, and perhaps we could standardise on something
> here (maybe camel or underline, please not hungarian ;), seeing as argument
> names are meant to be somewhat descriptive.

Very good point, I had noticed this, but not paid enough attention.   

I do not care about going with camel or underline modes, either are
fine, I have seen a lot of camel style for the arguments, lets just use

> It saves 5 lines, but perhaps you feel it's just plain ugly :)

I swing back and forth with that particular style.  I think it makes
sense to have the "short" version of the properties as well.