[Mono-list] first steps become first RPMs

Christophe VG mono@baselabs.org
01 Mar 2002 11:53:55 +0100

I've taken the current CVS source tree and the "first steps guide" to
build an RPM containing the current Mono:: project. Those not able to
get their hands on a windows machine to compile mcs, now have a package
ready to be installed.

If you don't use RPM, you can still download the tarball from which the
RPM package was build. It too contains the compiled runtime stuff
including the mcs.exe compiler)

As off Monday I will start a few cron jobs to automated the process on a
daily basis and supply up to date packages for everyone.

Hope this helps some people.

Have a pleasant weekend.


PS I'm not the master at RPM building or the likes, so things can be
wrong. Please supply me with info if you see mistakes or know ways to
improve things.