[Mono-list] Eliminating redundent methods in the class status page (they're properties too!)

Nick Drochak ndrochak@gol.com
Fri, 1 Mar 2002 11:12:15 +0900

| I'm loving the new Class Status page and it has already helped me catch
| quite a few bugs already this morning. I noticed a bit earlier that it's
| listing properties twice because it's listed under as both a MethodInfo
| *and* a PropertyInfo. A little bit of testing and playing around, and 5
| minutes later, I got a patch that'll fix that.

Yeah. Not easy, I remember :). I mentioned this in the TODO file in the
corcompare directory.

I would prefer to remove the get_* and set_* methods from the status list
and show the property with "get;" and/or "set;" inside the curly braces
instead.  So, for example, AppDomainSetup would have under it:
LoaderOptimization{ get; set; } and there would be no methods shown at all.

The only problem with that is how to mark the get/set as missing or todo as
appropriate. I guess the property should be considered "missing" if either
one is missing.  If neither is missing then if either of them are marked as
"todo" the property should be todo.  In any case, it's not a big issue since
either way the thing needs love from someone.

Nick D.