[Mono-list] problems with mcs

Francisco Jr. fxjrlists@yahoo.com.br
Sun, 30 Jun 2002 17:47:33 -0300 (ART)

 --- Andraz Sraka <a@aufbix.org> escreveu: 
> Hello

> I'm a bit new with mono, and I have quite strange
> problem using mcs
> (Mono Compiler Suite).
> This is the output:
> andraz@maya:~/mono/examples$ mcs test.cs 
> bash: /usr/bin/mcs: cannot execute binary file

Can you execute it like that:
/usr/bin/mono /usr/bin/mcs.exe test.cs ??

mcs is just a wrapper script: 
/usr/bin/mono /usr/bin/mcs.exe $*

Maybe in Debian, something is different from that.

I hope it helps.

Francisco Jr.

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