[Mono-list] Help with bug fixes

Ravi Pratap M ravi@ximian.com
25 Jun 2002 16:45:29 -0500

Hi Andrew,

	Thanks very much for your patches - I have been meaning to do all the
cleaning up some day but you got the better of my laziness :-) I am
going to apply them as soon as I go over them and the tons of other
email I have to catch up with.

On Tue, 2002-06-25 at 11:58, Andrew Birkett wrote:
> This is also on my radar - hence my patch to make the tests in mcs/errors
> and mcs/tests much more uniform.  A tinderbox-like system would be way
> cool though.

	Indeed but maybe it is too early for a tinderbox :-0

> get a boolean ok/fail result - I have to manually go through the results
> and see if they were 'as expected'.  You could address that by trying to

	Point taken - this needs to be fixed.

> Also, unit tests should not require user interaction.  There's a test in
> mcs/tests which pops up a box and requires you to click OK.  That should
> be changed so the tests can run unattended.

	Mea culpa - it is a remnant from the day I first wrote PInvoke code in
the compiler :-) Miguel asked me to get rid of it later but I left it
there for the dramatic effect ;-) But yeah, it gets on my nerves now

	I am accepting patches anytime !