[Mono-list] Help with bug fixes

Nick Drochak ndrochak@gol.com
Wed, 26 Jun 2002 00:21:05 +0900

Hi all.

I have been spending my limited mono development time trying to fix the
bugs which our unit tests are revealing. However, my time is limited and
the bugs are many (and some are down right hard).  I am wondering if
there is anyone who has some time to help me out with this.

To do so you will effectively need access to networked Linux and Windows
(VMWare is a great alternative to having two computers, btw). Also, you
should be familiar with C#, even if just a little. This kind of work is
great for people with not much time (like me) and/or want to learn about
C#/.NET/Linux (like me).

My goal is to get us down to 0 bugs and then introduce a "unit test
tinderbox" system that will automagically notify someone if their commit
breaks any unit tests.

If anyone out there is interested, respond to the list or to me directly
and give me an idea of how much you know already about running the unit
tests on Linux.  I can help you out from there. Also, you can take a
look at SortedList which has a bunch of errors right now if you know
what you're doing already.

Nick D.