[Mono-list] Hi. VB.net

Chris J. Breisch cjbreisch@altavista.net
Tue, 25 Jun 2002 07:31:10 -0500

Sorry it's taken me a while to reply.  I was offline for a bit and then
had a hard disk failure on my primary mono system.

Rafael Teixeira is working on the compiler, while Martin Adoue and I are
working on the runtime support.  There's room for more people on the
runtime support, if you'd like to help.

Rafael's leading the effort, so you should contact him to find out what
projects are available, although I think I have a pretty good idea

The runtime library still needs a lot of work.  We have all the enums
and constants done, and I believe that stubs have been generated for all
the classes, but only a very few of the classes have been implemented so
far.  Martin was working on Strings the last I checked, and I've just
started work on FileSystem.

When it's more complete, there will be more information available on
this list and the announcement list, I'm sure.


Chris J. Breisch, MCSD, MCDBA

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> If at all, how would a programmer who wants to program with VB.net use
> Are there any plans to support such an effort to develop the
> necessary to allow it?
> thanks

Rafael and Chris and perhaps others are working on vb.net runtime
rafael is working on an vb.net compiler.


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