[Mono-list] pthread_mutex_timedlock usage

Dick Porter dick@ximian.com
Mon, 24 Jun 2002 11:03:14 +0100

On Sat, Jun 22, 2002 at 09:36:57PM +0200, Marijn Ros wrote:
> I am not subscribed to this list, but read the archives regularly
> (about once a day; I read my mail less often, actually).
> In trying to compile mono with NGPT (a pthread-library, I wrote about
> that earlier), I noticed mono needs pthread_mutex_timedlock
> (mono_mutex_timedlock is defined to it). However, mono_mutex_timedlock
> is not used anywhere in mono (as of 20020612).
> I could try to add pthread_mutex_timedlock to NGPT, but is it worth
> the effort for mono?

Which version of NGPT are you using? (The development 1.9 tree, or the
stable 1.2 tree?)

I'm interested in trying mono with ngpt-1.9, because it implements
process-shared mutexes etc.  I'm surprised it doesnt implement
pthread_mutex_timedlock though.

mono_mutex_timedlock was written to work around the lack of
pthread_mutex_timedlock on solaris, so the missing function shouldnt matter
to you.

I think you'll need to fix mono's configure.in to check if you're using ngpt
before doing the pthread checks.  I think at the moment it's just looking in
your /usr/include/pthread.h, and seeing that you have pthread_mutex_timedlock.

- Dick