[Mono-list] rethinking gtk#'s gdk.imaging

Rachel Hestilow hestilow@ximian.com
21 Jun 2002 05:49:32 -0500

[Forwarded to the mono list because I have a vague recollection of 
people wanting to use GdkPixbuf for core functionality]

So, it looks like some of the GdkPixbuf methods (::render*) are in Gdk
proper and not gdk-pixbuf. This makes sense from the C programmer's
perspective, because they are the methods that render to gdk drawables,
and apps like sawfish needed their own xlib rendering methods. But given
that we obviously can't have a class scattered across several
assemblies, I see a couple of options here:

a) Move gdk-pixbuf back into gdk. This would solve the problem at the
cost of requiring Gdk for any GdkPixbuf usage. Did anyone express
interest in using GdkPixbuf on its own?
System.Windows.Forms/System.Drawing guys, I'm looking at you here.

b) Have the Gdk rendering methods be in a class of their own: either as
static methods in some sort of GdkPixbufRenderer, or a subclass of
Pixbuf for Gdk. I personally like this approach, but it might confuse
people migrating from C, who are at this point our core audience.

Thoughts, suggestions?

-- Rachel