[Mono-list] Error: mcs.exe: cannot execute binary file

Martin Baulig martin@gnome.org
21 Jun 2002 02:10:34 +0200

"Piers Haken" <piersh@friskit.com> writes:

> what's the status on building corlib with mono? last time I looked there
> were some pretty tricky problems to work around, has any progress been
> made on this? it's definitely one of the last major barriers to full
> self-hosting.

I'm currently working on this and I'm getting a few more bugs fixed every
time I hack on it.  Unfortunately I can only hack a very few hours a week
on it (and almost nothing the last two weeks because I was watching too
much soccer .....), so it's only advancing very slowly.

It's hard to make any kind of a status report since most of the time you
need to fix one bug before you'll see the next one - and each time, mcs
compiles a few more files in corlib ....

Our soccer team has a very important match tomorrow (and hopefully an
even more important one on Tuesday), so I already used up all my hacking
time for this week, I'll hopefully be back next weekend :-(

My summer holidays start around July 20th and I'll have a lot more time

Martin Baulig