[Mono-list] CSMail - An Announcement

Gaurav Vaish gvaish_mono@lycos.com
Wed, 19 Jun 2002 17:35:27 +0530

Hello everybody,

  I have been working deeply on the CSMail API (similar to what we have in java as Java-Mail), and as Miguel encouraginly said that this API would serve as the base for the MonoMail (I am proud!)

 Yesterday I completed the architecture and API design - thanks to all those who helped me out in designing the same.

 I have also written some code towards it - some odd 1300 lines of code till date.

 In the efforts of the same, I have spawned a new project - csmail - on SourceForge (http://csmail.sf.net) and would soon be using the repository.

 The only problem with me right now is that the computer that has all the code and docs is not on the internet... so, you all guys will have to wait for some time to see the code. I will try to put in the API at the earliest.

master Gaurav

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