[Mono-list] Object Lookup with a Compound key

Dwivedi , Ajay Kumar AjayKumar.Dwivedi@dresdner-bank.com
Wed, 19 Jun 2002 11:21:20 +0100

Hi All,
	I need to store and retrieve objects with a compound key.
This is required for the SoapAttributeOverrides class. The class
stores SoapAttributes object for each Member of a class. So the
key to be used in the hashtable consists of Type of the class and
Name of the member.
	Now I have 3 ways in which this can be implemented.

1. Make the key as 'Type.FullType+".."+MemberName' , with ".." 
   seperating Type and Member. This assumes that ".." can't occur
   in the FullName or MemberName. This is the easiest, but I am 
   not sure if this is a language neutral approach.

2. Use a jagged 2D hashtable. The main hashtable is indexed by 
   Type and each value contains another hashtable which is 
   indexed by member names. However this approach might require
   too many hashtables.

3. Use a new class which emcompasses the Type and MemberName and
   use it as a key. This approach would however require creation
   of a new key everytime a search is made.

   	I am confused over which approach to use.

	Please give suggestions, or if possible a better approach.

Happy Hacking,