[Mono-list] update cvs, rebuilt, new error

Stewart Allen mono@neuron.com
Tue, 18 Jun 2002 23:56:04 -0400

I hope I'm wrong, but I assume this means for those of us on linux only that:

  1) there's no point in tracking cvs b/c the dll's could become out-of-date 
at any point
  2) there's no point in downloading the daily snapshots since they, too, 
can contain out-of-date dll's
  3) there is no workaround for either #1 or #2 b/c linux is not 
self-hosting for the core libraries
  4) if I want to use mono on linux, I should stick to the release builds 
like 0.12 until #3 is resolved

I would very much like to contribute to the core libraries since in their 
current state they will not support an app I would like to build.


Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello,
>>I am not able to rebuild corlib (linux only), but after this showed up I did 
>>grab today's snapshot and 1) try those dlls then 2) rebuild from that 
>>snapshot. same problem. is there another way to track down what's going on? 
>>are the dll's in the current snapshot out of date?
> The snapshots DLLs are pushed every once in a while, not every time a
> snapshot is pushed.
> Miguel