[Mono-list] update cvs, rebuilt, new error

Stewart Allen mono@neuron.com
Tue, 18 Jun 2002 12:05:17 -0400

I am not able to rebuild corlib (linux only), but after this showed up I did 
grab today's snapshot and 1) try those dlls then 2) rebuild from that 
snapshot. same problem. is there another way to track down what's going on? 
are the dll's in the current snapshot out of date?


Paolo Molaro wrote:
> On 06/18/02 Stewart Allen wrote:
>>I just updated from cvs, rebuilt and installed mono under RH7.3 (which I do 
>>daily) and now I'm getting this fatal error when launching exe's:
>> Corlib not in sync with this runtime: field `interfaces' mismatch in class 
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Did you rebuild corlib as well? You need to. If you can't, check if one
> of todays binary snapshots have an updated corlib.dll.
> lupus