[Mono-list] Binary problem

Piers Haken piersh@friskit.com
Tue, 18 Jun 2002 04:23:34 -0700

You cannot currently run exectables generated by 'mono msc.exe' natively
on the .NET runtime.

The 'Emit' code in the runtime does not generate correct PE (.EXE) file
header info and the MS runtime barfs during the initial reflection

The solution to this problem requires a bunch of mono developers, a
room, some computers, a couple of bottles of water and a lock.



PS. Don't the p.net guys have this worked out?

<please-ignore typed:when="drunk" disclaimer="hey it's the weekend!"
oops="it's not?">
As an aside: I downloaded the portable.net stuff a while ago. I just
wanted to take a peek. One thing that hit me (I didn't look too hard)
was that it was all written in C++, pretty good looking C++ at that (I
even remeber seeing a little bit of hungarian in there <snicker/>). I
was wondering, apart from the fact that there are more 'C' programmers
around than 'C++' programmers, and most of the rest of Ximian stuff
(yummy goodness that it is, except for the 'woody' install <ahem/>) is
'C'-based rather than '++', why build a runtime for an 'object oriented'
runtime environment in a decidedly non-OO language. [[Now's a good time
to hit 'delete'...]] For example, you're using libg for its collection
types, but everytime I see someone writing a hastable, a linked-list or
YAFSR (yet another e2Fscking string routine) I can't help thinking that
maybe STL (http://stlport.org), a compiler with decent template
optimizations (yeah, g++ is <i>getting</i> there) and judicious use of a
profiler <gasp/> would just make the world a happy and rosy-smelling
place. okay, maybe that's going a little too far. or maybe not...

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I have succesfully compiled two binary versios of the same source code
the "Hello World" example program using CSharp as a programming
The fisrt version, using the csc.exe compiler provided with the Windows
Framework v1.0.3705, and the second one with the mono 0.12 compiler.

The evil is in the details, when I run the first executable in the mono
enviroment (linux), the program run correctly. I try the second
and it works fine also.

But, when I try to run the second executable (compiled in linux with
mono in
Windows), the program shows a error message like that "hello.exe is not
valid Win32 application".

What's wrong with my second executable?, Why it can't run over windows?

Thank you very much in advance.

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