[Mono-list] how far behind is anon cvs?

Stewart Allen stewart@neuron.com
Mon, 17 Jun 2002 23:21:15 -0400

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello,
>>I just updated and re-built less than 5 mintues ago and I'm still getting:
>>    mono 0.11, the Mono ECMA CLI JIT Compiler, (C) 2001, 2002 Ximian, Inc.
> Did you run autogen.sh after CVS updating?

no, only the first time.

>>Since I primarily work in Linux, how handicapped am I? I'm not especially
>>keen to keep struggling to get the build system setup under XP (in VMWare).
>>If Linux will be completely self-hosting soon, then I guess I'll just hold
>>off for a bit. If not, is there anything I can do to help? I must confess
>>that I haven't done any real C coding in about 8 years. I'm just exploring
>>C# after almost 7 yrs of Java coding.
> Well, if you want to hack on the class libraries, that is an issue
> currently.  We have not modified the build system to use MCS yet and
> System and Corlib do not compile yet with MCS.
> If you just want to develop C# apps, you should be for the most part
> fine.  That being said, you will need the class library documentation,
> which we still do not ship/have in any usable form.
> Miguel.

Well, I'd like to hack on the class libraries. I'm trying to build an app, 
but have bumped into things I need which are unimplemented (like Process).

I installed a ton of stuff on my XP/VMWare partition and ran
mono-build-win32.sh, but it still failed to build. I don't have the error
handy. Still, I'd rather stick to linux b/c XP is deadly slow and switching
back and forth is a major pain.

IOW, I would love to start contributing, but I haven't been able to
bootstrap. If I could just do it all in Linux, I would be a hell of a lot
more productive.