[Mono-list] Error: mcs.exe: cannot execute binary file

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
17 Jun 2002 15:58:29 -0400

> I believe it is possible to build mcs on linux with the 'make monomcs'
> target. This was introduced in the 0.10 release. However, the standard
> 'make' and 'make test' targets all use the MS csc compiler, because the
> mcs-generated mcs image is slower than the csc generated one. 

Mhm, that is not quite the case.

The reason the default target uses csc is because that is what I use to
develop.  When you break the compiler, I do not want to go trough the
length of bootstraping and manually moving things to re-compile the

So I just assume CSC is there to save the day.  

The `make test' is there to test the full bootstrap, if I had it using
MCS, and had a broken MCS, I could not bootstrap, so I start with
something that works.